RPS also recognise that Hosted Solutions may not be the first choice for all of it’s clients, usually for historical reasons or they may be quite happy with the technology they are t48gcurrently using.

In these cases RPS will work with clients to develop a transition plan that includes a number of phases but ensures whatever investment is made is future proofed as new technologies get rolled out.  This may result in the use of IP telephones inside the business whilst retaining their ISDN connectivity to the outside world where they feel comfortable with that type of solution.

RPS often find that clients are willing to trial newer technology as long as failback options are available, for example retaining their incoming traffic over ISDN, using VOIP for outgoing calls with failover to ISDN should broadband connectivity be lost. 

Engineering resources across RPS specialise in these types of in-house PABX based telephony solutions where required.

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