Why Choose Us?

High Quality Network combined with Highly Motivated Customer Focussed Engineering Resource

The RPS infrastructure is housed in a number of datacentres across the UK owned by Zen internet whose range of broadband products RPS use to deliver it's network connectivity. Using this network topology, reliability and resilience are the key elements to the RPS network, minimising the amount of technological 'hops' between the clients desktop phones and our telecoms infrastructure in the cloud.

  • This leads to high quality reliable speech vital in today's business environment.

Using a globally deployed commercial platform RPS can not only deliver basic telephony to small organisations but are also delivering engineered solutions for multi-location businesses and contact centre companies. Using the company's mobile application also lends itself to working successfully away from the office whilst appearing to be at your desk. Features such as Voicemail to Email allow users to hold and keep all their communications in a single location, i.e. Email folders.

RPS does not see itself as just an ITSP, running it's own network, but as a true solutions provider as it provides not only a fully managed service, supporting it's clients, but also works closely with it's clients to evaluate and re-engineer customers telephony infrastructure to produce business efficiency and effectiveness with positive results in a number of areas, examples of which are:

  • Improved customer service
  • Generation of additional revenues
  • Cost reduction in operating expenses through not only lower call and connectivity costs but internal restructuring using the technology to drive centralisation of functions.

Extensive Experience

Our expert team have extensive knowledge of all aspects of modern communications solutions.

Businesses of All Sizes

We can provide solutions from single telephone user setups right up to multi-user, multi-site businesses.

End-To-End Solutions

Our in-house platform means that we can provide comprehensive end-to-end managed telecommunications solutions for your business.

UK Based Support

Our UK based support team are there for you when you need help and support using our services.