RPS provides future-proof solution for growing company

RPS provides future-proof solution for growing company

Thursday 20th April 2017

Telecommunications provider and expert, RPS Technology Solutions, prides itself on its tailored service. The company specialises in providing innovative, bespoke solutions for each individual company they work with, and in the case of Insurance Broker, Vita, this was what attracted them to RPS when they were looking for a phone system that could grow with their business...

Barry Pappin, Director at Vita, said: "Our business is currently expanding; we've recently moved to new offices and are expecting to grow from our current 14 members of staff to up to 30 over the next few years. Our existing phone system didn't have the capabilities to support the expansion, but we didn't want to get a new system installed just to find that we outgrew it within a couple of years and had to replace it again."

Barry heard about RPS's excellent reputation through word of mouth and approached the company direct to find out what they could offer. On speaking with the team at RPS, Barry was immediately impressed by how they were able to tailor their service and offer innovative solutions to fit Vita's specific needs.

"RPS had fantastic customer service" said Barry, "they devoted a lot of time to us and continue to do so. I was incredibly impressed by the training they offered on how to use the new systems and the amount of ongoing support they were able to give us for future solutions. They were more than happy to go above and beyond for us...we didn't need to look at any other providers after speaking to them."

RPS offer internet telephony, Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems. These are quickly overtaking ISDN as the preferred telephone systems for businesses due to their reliability and increased functionality. Although Vita were already using a VoIP system, the solutions offered by RPS were specifically designed to meet all of Vita's current needs as well as anticipating their future ones.

The Contact Centre Solution, complete with Supervisor and Agent software, allowed RPS to engineer a solution that was designed to work for all three of the businesses Vita run from their office in Cardiff. The new system allows all three numbers to be routed through the business in different ways with a separate auto attendant and recording box for each one. If a call goes to Voicemail for any of the businesses, a 'Voicemail to Email' set-up notifies the group of managers for that team so that each call is dealt with properly and efficiently. Each user within the office has an individual DDI and Voicemail box to ensure that, each time a customer calls back, they are able to speak with the same person.

It was important for Vita to be able to record and retrieve calls easily, so RPS provided a portal where employees at Vita can see all the calls that have been made to the company with a breakdown of which number was called, which extension answered, the duration of the call and time of day. They can also pull these down as reports and retrieve call recordings to listen back to where necessary.

Barry said: "With the new RPS system we have a desk phone and wireless headset for each current user, and enough for more future users as our staff increases. The staff love the headsets, which give them more freedom to move about the room while on long calls. The computer software RPS installed makes dialling and transferring calls extremely easy and professional as everyone can see every extension, who is on or offline, who is already on a call or currently away from their desk.

"Recording and retrieving calls, something which is vital to our business, is completely seamless with the new system and the 'listening' feature that RPS included for us is also incredibly useful, especially for training new recruits, as it lets supervisors listen in on calls and 'whisper' in advice on how to proceed with the call without the customer knowing.

"We're delighted with the solution that RPS put together for us. It has made call handling so much easier and more professional and, thanks to the extensive training that RPS provided, switching from our old system has been quick and painless. It's difficult to highlight any one feature that has made a big difference, because really the system as a whole is fantastic. We would definitely recommend RPS to other businesses looking for a telephony system with great support and customer service that is tailored to their needs."