RPS warns businesses to prepare their telecommunications ahead of the weather warnings

RPS warns businesses to prepare their telecommunications ahead of the weather warnings

Tuesday 27th February 2018

Cwmbran-based telecommunications provider, RPS Technology Solutions, is warning businesses to prepare their communications ahead of the bad weather to avoid any potential disruption.

RPS specialises in creating bespoke, innovative telecommunications solutions for a diverse range of SMEs across the UK. Their fully engineered, hosted Voice Over IP telephony network, is commonly being used as an alternative to traditional ISDN telephone after the recent announcement that from 2025 onwards, all support for ISDN services will be discontinued.

Ron Griffiths, Managing Director of RPS Technology Solutions, said: "According to forecasters Britain is about to be hit by the worst weather for over a decade and there are a number of issues that arise if your staff are unable to get into work or continually arrive late."

"First and foremost, employee absence can have a detrimental effect upon your customer service. Poor customer satisfaction can often leave the customers looking elsewhere - if you can't service your clients, someone who's prepared will be able to instead.

"Those companies that have the capability for their staff to work from home clearly have an advantage here, and Hosted Voice over IP technology is what delivers this. For businesses that have VOIP phones installed, employees can unplug their phones from the office, take them home, plug them into their home broadband router and make and receive incoming calls, as usual, all-day long.

"As an additional advantage, Communicator Go is a Smartphone app that is designed to fully integrate to a range of VOIP solutions. Using either WiFi or the G4 mobile phone data network, Communicator Go works as an extension of your desk phone, meaning once again you can make and receive calls as if you're in the office."