Wednesday 5th June 2019

Today we received a call in the office from a gentleman who said he was from BT Openreach, he proceeded to explain that he had been monitoring our broadband connection and noticed a lot of negative notifications from our router that our internet connection was fluctuating, he was providing a courtesy call to check our router compatibility and fix these issues.

We can only assume he didn't realise he was calling a company who provides their own broadband connections and monitors these 24 hours a day. Anyway, we explained to him we managed our own connection and didn't have any problems and asked if he could confirm what company he was calling from.

He ignored this and continued to say he had seen notification drops on our router which was happening day by day and he was offering a free service to fix the issue.
We asked again if he could tell us where he was calling from and he ignored this again and continued by asking us to put software on our laptop so he could get access to it and guide us on how to update the router.

We asked for a third time where he was calling from, we then advised we weren't interested but thanked him for the call to which he responded with some very vulgar remarks we will not post on here.

After hanging the phone up we tried to call the number back and it does not exist meaning the number presented is a fake.

As a telephony and broadband provider, we were able to spot the problems with this phone call and work out quickly this was not genuine however most of the information this gentleman mentioned is not common knowledge.

We are asking for people to take extra care when receiving calls like this, if someone is asking to access your laptop or if you feel any doubt about it please hang-up the call and contact your service provider using the numbers provided on your bill.

Further information can be found on the Ofcom website here