RPS Telecom step up the challenge to help reopen ‘The Deck’

RPS Telecom step up the challenge to help reopen 'The Deck'

Wednesday 16th September 2020

On the evening of 21st August, the newly refurbished The Deck restaurant in Penarth
Marina suffered a fire, leaving the establishment in a 'very sorry state'. Thankfully, all
staff and customers were evacuated safely but it was a devastating blow; the
restaurant having only been open for three weeks post-lockdown. The race was now
on to reopen as soon as possible.

Philip Lay of Coastline Bars - and the main man behind The Deck - contacted RPS
Telecom on Friday 4th September saying they were looking to re-open a popular area
of The Deck (The Jetty Bar) as soon as 11th September - just a week later. Following
the horrendous fire at the premises just two weeks previously, Philip was committed
to do whatever it took to enable service to be delivered to The Deck's customers.
Knowing that time was of the essence, our Lead Engineer was immediately
dispatched to the site; to not only assess the extensive damage to the
communications and IT infrastructure, but also armed with temporary equipment to
give The Deck immediate internet connectivity.

Meanwhile, other members of the RPS Telecom team liaised with BT Openreach, Alphabyte (The Deck's IT support partner) and ANL Electrical to tackle other areas that needed addressing.

By the day before re-opening, all incoming lines had been re-established. Work was
well underway to re-cable services to the Jetty Bar and by midday on Friday, we had re-connected the equipment to deliver full services to the Jetty Bar.
We understand how important it is for businesses to keep running and of course how
essential it is for their staff. The coronavirus pandemic has created an uncertain
future for many businesses - particularly those in the hospitality industry - and we
were very happy to help out Philip and his team, especially after the further setback
of the fire.

Philip Lay said "Once we placed the call into RPS, they immediately sprang into
action and things started to happen. By Tuesday, we had temporary service and by
Friday midday we were operational, receiving clients and able to serve our
customers as we hoped. Many thanks to RPS for not only enabling our business to
operate throughout a weekend of glorious weather, but it also means a lot for our
staff to get back to work."

Ron Griffiths, Managing Director of RPS Telecom said "When challenged to help The
Deck re-open, the staff here really showed what teamwork could do. Everyone
played their part - from liaising with partners, re-programming equipment and
undertaking the on-site work that was required. It's testament to the fact that as we
deliver all our telephony services from our Hosted Cloud based service that no major
on site equipment needed replacement, this was key to restoring services so quickly
after such a disaster."