Business Benefits

  • Customer Service - Improve your clients experience of dealing with your company by checking any staff member's availability prior to transferring calls so you don't waste your client's time in passing them to someone whose not available, then the caller having to potentially call back in to talk to someone.
  • Messaging - The internal messaging service allows background conversation when immediate response is not required saving both caller and called party time and allows staff to prioritise their time and tasks.
  • Screen Pop - When incorporated to hosted company applications, staff can receive customer information 'popped' to their favourite browser window as they answer calls based on the callers number. This again gives your clients a better customer experience as opposed to 'hang on while I pull up your details'
  • Management Tools - Using facilities of the communicator akin to Call Centre Supervisors, but usable in all businesses, call statistics through wallboard information including graphical displays of calls waiting, calls active, missed calls etc.
  • Mobility - When combined with the Communicator Go smartphone app calls can be transferred to your smartphone via Wifi so you can retain the call with your client whilst walking to retrieve information or check on availablity of goods etc.

Key Features

  • Contact Centre - This desktop application enables a number of critical call centre features such as wallboard facilities, call monitoring, CRM Integration and Screen Pop.
  • Telephony - Call, receive and transfer calls in an integrated way with your deskphone.
  • Presence - clear visibility of all staff status available, busy and Do Not Disturb modes.
  • Outlook - Integration with your outlook contacts gives information on call receipt and allows dialling from your contact list.

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