Business Benefits

  • Financial - Pay as you go models with limited or no upfront costs moving capital expenditure to operating costs. Along with variable costs based on users/terminals in use that month, easily scaleable through addition or subtraction of handsets/users. No financial impact of depreciation of large expensive telephone switch infrastructure.
  • Locational - Spread users across various sites for operational/cost reasons whilst maintaining a single office operating model. Various call scenarios such as like skilled individuals can work as groups despite location, centralisation of roles e.g. receptionist roles and many more. Have any number routed to any location irrespective of geography, creating UK wide presence.
  • Operational - Route calls to provide better customer service ensuring they reach the right department without being sent through mutiple call transfers using the Auto Attendent functionality.
  • Managed Service - RPS include a full managed service in it's monthly costs meaning we take care of all Moves and Changes required by you simply contacting us either via phone or email. All services are monitored real time 24/7 through extensive management tools RPS have deployed to support it's infrastructure. As all services, telephony, connectivity and telephone systems infrastructure are integrated RPS provides that One Stop Shop whenever support maybe required.

Key Features

  • Hosted Voice over IP offers clients a future proofed telephone system with all software upgrades and support as part of the managed service RPS provides.
  • Extensive Contact Centre functionality available with full Agent/Supervisor capabilities.
  • Mobile Smartphone application for clients who need to be reached anywhere, anytime.
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities available via portal access enabling clients to produce management reports leading to operational improvements.
  • RPS can provide regular reviews along with analysis and business improvement suggestions.

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Extensive Experience

Our expert team have extensive knowledge of all aspects of modern communications solutions.

Businesses of All Sizes

We can provide solutions from single telephone user setups right up to multi-user, multi-site business.

End-To-End Solutions

Our in-house platform mean that we can provide comprehensive end-to-end telecommunications solutions for your business.

UK Based Support

Our UK based support team are there for you when you need help and support using our services.